24 Oct 2011

Start Your Engine of Growth

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Start Your Engine of Growth - Man on Starting Line

We are in the midst of launching our new Manifast product. In fact we are committing to launching our MVP in November 2011. This has gotten me to thinking about marketing, sales and most importantly our revenue model. Do we have our engine of growth defined?

In “The Lean Startup” Eric Ries talks about three engines of growth for startups:

  • The Sticky Engine of Growth (customer retention (churn) is key)
  • The Viral […]
27 May 2008

Delivering Client Value with Agile Development

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When all is said and done, moving to agile development methodologies has had positive results for us.

The biggest gain by far is the total focus on delivering client value early and at all stages of a project. Sure, we were focused on client value before, but only at the milestones where there were client deliverables. Usually, iterations were longer and developers did the tasks in any order as long as the client got the expected result at the end of the day. This resulted in being 80% done for a long time yet having software that was not releasable or […]