22 Dec 2011

The Right Way to Prospect (Intercepting the Flow – Money Part 3)

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I ended the previous post on how money really works with a quote. A very important quote to be sure. But it doesn’t tell the full story. It doesn’t say how to intercept the flow of money.

How money works was not in and of itself why I choose to discuss the topic at this time.

So what is the right way to prospect or sell to maximize your income? When should you give your killer elevator speech? How should you get the conversation focused on you?


Stop doing it from a me perspective.

It is all about the person you are […]

20 Dec 2011

How Money Really Works – Part 2 Business Income

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In the first part of this larger topic, I talked about how some people think of money and how it works at a personal level.

In Part 2 I cover how it works at a business level and how you can get as much as you need and why there is no real shortage of money.

The Big Picture – The Big Flow

Picture the entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation or the world. This is a measure of the flow of value that is changing hands. It the cumulative value created by everyone in the economy measured in money. […]

6 Oct 2008

Pay It Forward

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What if every single day, everyone did something extra (outside of your normal roles) to make someone else's world a better place?

What if every single day, your business did something extra to make the world a little better?

Yes, we are all in business to make money. Yes, everyone is busy enough in their own lives.

But ultimately how we live our lives is just as important as how far up the ladder we get. And you never know, someday you may return to the bottom… and just maybe, someone will try to make your life a little better.

16 May 2008

TDD Inaction

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Our company is on the path towards adopting full agile development practices. As the senior “manager” this fits into three of my goals:

  • Software excellence
  • Delivering maximum value to clients as soon as possible
  • Sustainable pace