Innovative and Strategic Marketing

What if you could tap into the talents of brilliant strategists like Sun Tzu, Napoleon Bonaparte, General George Patton, and Winston Churchill? Unless you can talk to ghosts, you can’t.

You can employ the principles of strategy to maximize the use of your resources and let you win against much bigger competitors. If you are smart, you don’t slug it out toe-to-toe with a giant. You play to the advantages of your small size: agility, creativity, and the ability to innovate. Then you use their strengths against them.

The landscape is changing. The tools are out there for the bold and innovative to outplay their competitors.

At Sunwapta Solutions, our online marketing solutions help you get found by your ideal clients and convert those leads into happy customers.

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Online Marketing is a Business Solution

The three keys to understanding sustainable growth are:

  • Your brand is how your target market perceives your value.
  • Marketing and sales communicate your value to your target market.
  • Your true value is how well you deliver on your promise including every client touch point and the hidden pieces that affect your ability to innovate and compete.

The ultimate goal is to get perceived value, communicated value, and delivered value to a state of balance.

For marketing to be truly effective, it must be strategic, innovative, and deliver the results your business needs.

3 Keys To Sustainable Growth - Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Delivery

Internet Marketing Strategy

The basics of your business model have to be solid.

  • Who is your perfect customer or ideal client?
  • What problem do you solve for them?
  • Are they willing to pay for your solution?
  • Why you? (Why not someone else, or status quo?)

90% of businesses gloss over the basics and go straight to implementation in the mistaken belief that marketing is easy today because of online tools and social media.

The truth is it is more difficult to get attention from your target market. Sales teams have to work harder to get appointments with prospects. Cold calling is tougher than ever. Buyers research and make buying decisions without ever talking to your sales team.

Advanced Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Then there are the advanced strategies and tactics:

  • Balancing inbound and outbound marketing
  • Buyer personas and avatars
  • Market segmentation and laser-focused targeting
  • The buying pyramid
  • Education based marketing
  • Event or trigger based marketing
  • Telling your brand story
  • Product ladders and pricing
  • Brand strategy and management
  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Social media engagement and management
  • Paid search and social media campaigns

Internet Marketing Strategy - Online Marketing

Managed Online Marketing Solutions

We work with your existing business team, in an agile and iterative process, to build out your marketing strategy based on your business strategy and integrating your sales strategy.

The strategy then drives out your marketing plan including the resources, outcomes, projects and overall budget for the next 12 months with the primary focus on the next three months.

You approve it. We implement it. We work together to ensure you get results.

Business Planning includes Marketing Strategy and Sales Planning