I ended the previous post on how money really works with a quote. A very important quote to be sure. But it doesn’t tell the full story. It doesn’t say how to intercept the flow of money.

How money works was not in and of itself why I choose to discuss the topic at this time.

So what is the right way to prospect or sell to maximize your income? When should you give your killer elevator speech? How should you get the conversation focused on you?


Stop doing it from a me perspective.

It is all about the person you are interacting with and not you.

Create value for that person without the expectation of anything in return. “All things being equal, people buy from people they know and trust.” (Bob Burg)

Call it Karma. But what goes around comes around. Give first. Be genuinely interested in the other person. Build relationships. Do something of value for that person without any expectations. Everyone is not a potential customer, but they are people and a potential friend.

The way to get noticed by the flow is to insert value into the world. The flow is really about value for people. Insert enough value and the money will eventually divert to you.

You don’t really control who will be your customer. It is their choice not yours. And you never know who will know who and how the rewards will flow back to you.

This happened with our own business. Our biggest customer noticed us 11 years ago not because of our sales, but because one of our partners was active in giving back in the community.

It is real. It works. And it is the better way to do business and love your job and business.