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6 Sep 2016

How Does Your Value Stack Up In A New Market?

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Target Misunderstood Value in Canada - A New Market

If you are unprepared or desperate, entering a new market can kill your business. Deep pockets won’t always save you either.

Remember Target expanding into Canada back in 2013? They had deep pockets and resources. Then after a series of missteps, they pulled out roughly two years later, incurring financial losses in the billions.

Target Canada made a lot of mistakes starting with […]

7 Jul 2016

Are You Riding The Trends Or Being A Trendsetter?

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Riding Trends or Trendsetter

Earlier today I was reading the Calgary Metro (Monday, June 6, 2016). The story “Albertans see it half-empty” quoted the results of a poll of Albertans that stated:

  • 47% think things are going to get worse before they get better, and
  • Only 38% believe we’ve hit bottom, and things are going to start recovering.

Is it going to rain on August 15th?

The trend is for a warm, dry summer. August is usually pretty decent in Alberta. I […]

16 May 2016

Finding Balance On The Road To Competitive Advantage

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Elephant on Tightrope - Balance

Businesses must walk a fine balance between innovation and standardization.

I don’t usually mention this, but I initially studied to be an engineer before circumstances sent me off on a different path. Maybe that training causes me to notice things or maybe seeing patterns is just a part of me.

Quite a few years ago, I observed something about Calgary road designs. It seems like every major intersection project was an […]

5 Apr 2016

Going High to Access Alberta’s Ocean

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Imagination, Innovation and a Boy in Box

Alberta wasn’t always landlocked. Now is the time to reimagine our competitive advantage.

Alberta wasn’t always landlocked. Anywhere from 600 million years ago until 85 million years ago, give or take some rounding errors, the salt water of the ocean covered Alberta by varying degrees.

Then for 2 million years, Alberta went through about 80 glacial cycles. The last ice age finished about 10,000 years ago, bringing us to relatively modern times.

The federal government got elected […]

21 Mar 2016

Manage Your Brand: Win the Hearts of Customers

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Happy Customers - Branding

People buy Apple products, because Apple has a powerful brand that connects to their ideal customer.

Consumers can see the connection to the iPhone in their hand or the MacBook Pro in their lap along with the company itself.

It doesn’t matter if the products are manufactured offshore by companies and people they don’t know exist. It doesn’t matter if the components in the phones are fabricated by other companies most of us have never heard of. […]

7 Mar 2016

Partnering Starts with Brand and Trust

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Trust and Partnering In Tough Times

Critical Parts of Successful Collaboration

Over our last 15 plus years in business and consulting, I’ve run into many cases of small businesses attempting to work together to deliver better client value, win larger projects, and share marketing and sales costs.

This is one example of what it often looks like:

  • Five to ten small firms targeting a similar target market form a marketing group or shell company.
  • They all remain autonomous and […]
26 Feb 2016

How To Put Success Back Into Your Forecast

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Rocket To Success

Here is the million dollar question: “What can Albertans and the oil and gas sector expect in 2016?”

Some people have access to more data, but unless you’ve invented the time machine, your guess about the future might be just as good as theirs.

The Future Is Gloomy

(Update: Since this article was originally published in December 2015, the price of oil has dropped below $30 US per barrel and the royalty review results have been announced. Those […]