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18 Jan 2016

Don’t Annoy The Bull And Other Lessons From The Field

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Dog Annoying the Bull

Before you can avoid the bulls, you need to learn to spot them. With people that can be a challenge.

“I never rode a bull – I’m not that stupid.” ~ James Caan

Some years ago we were visiting Dorothy and her spouse, friends who lived in the country near the Alberta foothills. We were city dwellers, so we enjoyed getting out of town for a little adventure.

After sitting around chatting for an hour or so, we all decided to go for a walk before […]

7 Jan 2016

3 Ways To Be Happier Than A Fly In Your Soup

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Fly on Soup - Business Lessons

The illusion of success can trap you in a business that keeps you buzzing but doesn’t fuel your passion.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Sunday evening I was sitting at the kitchen table, reading a good book on my Kindle, and eating my […]

21 Dec 2015

3 Things You Can Do To Jump-Start 2016 Right Now

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Person Jumping Into New Year

How to hit the ground running in 2016. (If you are already in holiday mode, you may want to reconsider.)

Once December hits, a lot of us are conditioned to coast through December and then hit the ground running in January.

I worked with Jeff, a government client, who actually refused to meet us in December because “no one works here until January”.  So the project got parked for eight weeks.

But December is only a little more than four weeks long so how does […]

14 Dec 2015

Trying to Avoid Failure By Never Starting is a Dead-end Road

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Man Stuck Deciding and Not Moving Forward

Many times we get ourselves into a mental trap where not moving forward seems safe. It isn’t.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting.” ~ Buddha

We often get in our own way when pursuing success.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people starting businesses because they have lost their job or fear they will lose it in the future. Some people […]

13 Nov 2015

Does Your Workplace Encourage a Culture of Codependency?

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Culture and Business People Arm Wrestling

A dysfunctional culture can doom your organization to mediocrity or outright failure. How can you tell if you should be worried?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” ~Peter Drucker

We often see a sports team that seems to have a great pool of individual talent, yet it can’t seem to win consistently and fails to get very far in the playoffs. Then we have the underdog team that surprises everyone with a playoff run, sometimes even taking the top prize.

The difference between winning and losing in […]

13 Nov 2015

An Introvert’s Guide To Personal Success

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Introvert Speaking and Reading from Phone

If the world seems to demand that you become something you’re not, don’t worry. You can be authentic and follow your own path to success.

I remember coming out of high school straight into the military as a shy and introverted officer in training. I was so quiet a lot of people thought I would quit. I didn’t.

After studying electrical engineering for five years, I went off to serve another seven years in the Air […]

5 Nov 2015

When Do Your Strongest Success Traits Make You Codependent?

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Codependency and Entrepreneur Meeting with Stuffed Animals

Startling but true, these success-driven behaviours can be your worst dysfunctional nightmare.

“You have that enormously positive expectation that you’ll be free, and then you realize that you are in a worse prison than before because it’s one of your own making.”  ~ Michael Gerber

Entrepreneurship puts intense pressures on people, and when that happens, we dial up those success traits to the extreme, or take a few shortcuts to survive.

You’ve probably seen this yourself as the business leader or the employee.

This Could Be Your […]

1 Oct 2015

Expecting Better Results Without Changing Anything At All

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Changing World and Business Change

It is autumn and change is in the air. Not just the seasons but all around us.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately.

Not just the stuff that directly impacts me, but the stuff that is impacting our business and even more importantly, our client’s businesses.

I’ve talked to business owners directly impacted by some of the macro trends: oil prices, the dollar, globalization, innovation, technology and the competitive landscape.

For many people, this change generates fear or resistance.

Fear and resistance lead to an attempt at maintaining the status […]

17 Jul 2015

Rainy Days Can Lead To Growth

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Plant Growing in Hands - Rain and Business Growth

Not a lot of snow cover and a dry spring has led to fear of drought and poor crop yields in southern Alberta. Some areas have been hit with flooding during recent thunderstorms, yet on average the rain hasn’t been enough.

Today it is raining. For some that is a good thing. Hope.

Other people see it as an inconvenience, infringing on our already short summers here in Calgary.

Perspective and perception changes how you view everything.

Water is required for growth.

If things are slow for your business […]

28 Apr 2015

Shifting Your Mindset Opens New Business Possibilities

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Brain and Mindset

Here at Sunwapta Solutions, the Manifast team and I are big believers in continuous learning and being coached.

In fact, over the past few years we have spent a substantial sum to ensure not only that we can thrive as a business, but that we are able to help your businesses grow by being better ourselves.

One of my recent training calls was with a prominent mindset coach named David Neagle.

He shares a great deal of information on “The Laws” and how to apply them.

Paying the Price of the Gift

One […]