9 Oct 2015

What Happens At Work Doesn’t Stay At Work: That Can Be Good

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Business Recognition Team
Work is a big part of our lives. What if we can create our business in a way that creates good?

What can happen when people feel disconnected from others and lack a sense of purpose or significance?

If you are aware of events making the news recently, it turns out things can get pretty ugly at the extreme.

The average full-time employee spends one-third of their weekly hours either at work, traveling to and from work, or preparing for work. If you are a […]

2 Oct 2015

Want Real Change? The Shift Begins in the Middle

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Business Crowd - Shifting Minds - Creating Change

Tired of preaching to the choir or confronting your most vocal opponents and seeing no real change or impact from your efforts?

Maybe you are talking to the wrong people.

The longer you hang out online, the more you realize that society seems to be getting more polarized on just about every issue. Politicians are getting compared to Hitler or Stalin. Vague statements, with little basis in fact, are made to back […]

4 May 2015

5 Things to Work on to Protect Your Business Before a Crisis Hits

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Shocked Business Team - Crisis
In this post on I talk about what you need to do to set your business up so that it can survive a personal crisis on your end. The good news is that doing this today will also make your business much better for you NOW.

Read the article at Entrepreneur "5 Things to Work on to Protect Your Business Before a Crisis Hits"

(Note: This post reached number 8 on the most popular list.)

6 Apr 2015

When Peter’s Problem Robs His Business To Pay Paul

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Businessman Sheltering From Storm and Crisis

Is your business set up to support you during challenging personal times or will it become an additional burden out of neglect; robbing you of income when you need it most and even potentially everything you've invested in it?

Peter’s Story

My name is Peter. Today I don’t feel like working.

Yet there are a hundred things screaming for my attention.

I should be able to focus but I can’t. My mind is elsewhere, outside of the business […]

30 Mar 2015

2 Questions to Move Your Business Forward

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Vision - definiteness of purpose - business successIt is very easy to get into the habit of drifting from your strategic plan through inattention or chasing the shiny blue ball. We use all sorts of justifications for this but in general, it is better to complete the existing strategy than to change it constantly without thinking.

Before you start any major piece of work for your business you should always ask:

  1. What is the intended result of doing this?
  2. Why does that result matter?

The second question ties your work back to your strategy […]

9 Jan 2015

5 Tips on How To Prepare For Business Surprises “Before” You Are Drowning

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Drowning Swimmer - Business Risk Metaphor

Joe’s Swim

Joe is a really strong swimmer. Every day during the summer he swims out and around a small island in the lake near his home. The total swim is about 50 lengths of a standard pool. Joe has been doing this swim regularly for over 8 years.

As Joe arrives he notices a few other swimmers out on the small lake. Not as many as on the weekend but this is a […]

6 Jan 2015

Delegation: How Successful Leaders Do More With Less

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By Corey Jahnke

“Can you do me a HUGE favor?” my Pharmacy District Manager (Kelly) asked. 

Teamwork Team Holding Rope Light bulb Delegation

“Anything for you my friend!” I responded hoping to make a good impression. 

“Well, as you know, I’ve recently taken over your district and I noticed that the last employee satisfaction survey showed that our pharmacists are very unhappy.  I took over shortly after the survey was taken and I don’t think things are any better…” […]

5 Jan 2015

In Search of Your Business Excellence

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Business Excellence Quality Service Reliability Efficiency

We all know that we are competing for business in a competitive world. We claim our people are our advantage. Or our product. Or some other magical ingredient.

Yet it is my experience that there are usually a number of factors that come together into a system of excellence rather than a single thing. High performing systems are composed of many parts including the people in them.

So what does that look like?

The Big Roles

As a business owner […]

3 Dec 2014

Connect Your Dots With Purpose And A Plan

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If your business plan goes something like “we will seize opportunities as they come”; how will you know what an opportunity is? Do you seize every opportunity? How long do you pursue one before you chase the next? Do any of them get completed? 

In this post by Brittany Leung, she shows you what this could look like and why it might be the reason you are not creating lasting results in your business.

By Brittany Leung

Connecting the Dots - Your Purpose and Plan […]

23 Nov 2014

When Your Business Plan Derails

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Train Late Derailed Business Plans

I was at the office a little late the other night. My plan was to catch the 9:00 p.m. train and head home, relax a bit, and then get a good sleep.

Sometimes plans get derailed.

I got to the train platform and heard the announcement, “Trains are not running in the downtown core. Shuttle buses will be available for passengers at the orange 201/202 stops.”

Crap! I had thought the earlier accident with a pedestrian was cleared. […]