Business Marketing and Sales

With Purpose

We don’t build great teams in business for the sake of building great teams. It would be like hiring all the best hockey players and then not playing hockey.

Great teams need a purpose or goal.

We build a great hockey team to win the Stanley Cup.

The same goes for business.

For business, the purpose is to serve clients in exchange for revenue. If we do that efficiently, we know we are winning because we generate profit and growth according to our goals.

Brand, Clients and Teams

Our brand is how our market perceives our value proposition. The market including clients, prospects and people we’ve never met make that determination.

We get to do two things to influence that.

  1. Communicate our value proposition.
  2. Deliver on our value proposition.

Most businesses see the communication piece as belonging mostly to marketing with sales involvement.

I see it differently.

If marketing and sales are saying one thing and the people interacting with clients say something else, there is a disconnect that will cause people to notice and feel something was amiss.

If your company doesn’t consistently deliver on its value proposition, it could prove fatal to your business, now or over time.

So building high performing teams that can consistently and efficiently deliver value is core to your business success.

Full Circle – Teams and Brand

Understanding the full circle connection between brand, your team and your clients is the key to your potential business success. The concepts are relatively simple. Implementation can be challenging.

Building the teams that deliver on all aspects unlocks that potential.

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