Changing World and Business Change

It is autumn and change is in the air. Not just the seasons but all around us.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately.

Not just the stuff that directly impacts me, but the stuff that is impacting our business and even more importantly, our client’s businesses.

I’ve talked to business owners directly impacted by some of the macro trends: oil prices, the dollar, globalization, innovation, technology and the competitive landscape.

For many people, this change generates fear or resistance.

Fear and resistance lead to an attempt at maintaining the status quo. But the world continues to move and change.

Then there are those who think doing the same thing, but at a greater intensity, will lead to a change in results. This is only true if it is working. If it is working, or traction is truly building, keep at it.

If what you are doing is not working, doing more of it will lead to more of the same.

In my latest post on The Good Men Project “Want Real Change? The Shift Begins in the Middle” I talk about creating change in larger groups of people. The required change could be your company culture, getting large market segments interested in your offerings or promoting social change. What can you apply to your business?

One of the things I wish I had learned in our first year of business is: “It helps if you think of your business as a marketing and sales organization first and a product or service organization second.”

Most of us entrepreneurs and business owners are too close to our craft, rather than getting it into the hands of those we can serve.

The world is getting far too complex, and the amount you have to know is too great to try to learn it all yourself. We work with coaches and others. We are constantly paying others to teach us business skills so we can avoid doing the same things wrong ourselves and get to market faster. We are ramping up our marketing and sales engine.

Because of the complexity, the ability to work with not only a few experts but also with your peers, to move your business forward, is becoming more critical than ever. So we are going to be launching a few laser focused Masterminds in the not too distant future so we can add even more value to our clients through supporting business growth. These are going to be very results-oriented, and not everyone will be allowed to join. If you are interested, let us know.

If your business is not going where you want it to go from a marketing and sales perspective, what are you going to change?

If you are looking for ideas and maybe even someone to help you get there, we have some no cost and paid events coming up. This includes our next (free) lunch seminar “Scaring Up Leads With Great Marketing” on the 7th of October 2015.

Remember that if you don’t change anything at all, the results in your business are unlikely to be any better in the future.


(This article originally appeared in the Manifast Now eNewsletter.)