Plant Growing in Hands - Rain and Business Growth

Not a lot of snow cover and a dry spring has led to fear of drought and poor crop yields in southern Alberta. Some areas have been hit with flooding during recent thunderstorms, yet on average the rain hasn’t been enough.

Today it is raining. For some that is a good thing. Hope.

Other people see it as an inconvenience, infringing on our already short summers here in Calgary.

Perspective and perception changes how you view everything.

Water is required for growth.

If things are slow for your business you might see it as a time to cut costs. Or you might see it as a time to work on getting better at business.

If you have just started your business, you might think you need to do everything yourself to keep costs low. Or you might see that every day you delay getting better at business, you are losing out on an opportunity to get out of start-up mode faster.

You might be chronically busy working in your business and not spending enough time working on it.

Is training, coaching and working on your business an expense or an investment?

It really depends on how you approach it; perspective and perception… and your ability to focus and keep the good work and skills moving after the investment.

For instance, a small increase in lead generation or lead conversion can make a huge difference on your revenue and bottom line.

So I hope you can use your rainy days to work on your business and keep improving your skills.

When the sun and growth hits, you will thrive.