Goats in a Tree - Be Useful

I’ve met a lot of really interesting entrepreneurs and business owners over the years. Almost every single one of them had either a passion for serving that made them stand out or a product or service offering that had great value.

In marketing people often refer to their unique selling proposition or selling point (USP).

The definition of unique is:

“Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” ~ Google

Here is the thing.

Unless you have the cure for cancer, chances are people have other options for what you do. So in the race for unique we try to be clever and add some THING that makes us unique. The problem is, that thing seldom matters to your clients.

And if it is nothing but a feature you are open to imitation.

Of course, you and the people in your business are unique. But unless you are a celebrity that is unlikely to be a good marketing strategy.


Unless you wrap your core values, your culture, your offering, your brand and the essence of what you do in a way that differentiates you. But not to anyone.

Your ideal clients.

The ones that will appreciate those differences because the perceived value is high. The ones you can maintain a relationship with.

So we go for differentiation.

Then in our marketing we try to talk to everyone in the same way everyone else does. Here are our products and services. We are great because we’ve been in business for 20 years and have lots of clients.

This wastes that differentiation.

Because only our ideal clients would appreciate it (not everyone).

So focus on what makes your business great to your ideal clients. Communicate it. Live it. Improve it.

Become better at doing what makes you great and you will attract more of them.

Stop trying to be unique and be useful.