Arsheen Dhalla had a vision to create an organization that would make a positive impact. The Daraja Foundation is the result of that vision.

Daraja means  “bridge” in Swahili.

Which is embedded in their mission:

“To build bridges between communities and work globally to improve living conditions, education and healthcare.”

When Arsheen saw what the Manifast tool could do to help her and her team to accomplish her goals faster she became one of our early adopters… and success stories.

Not because she would not have succeeded without us. They did a lot of things right.

Because her success came quickly and the team at Daraja still has so much more potential to grow their impact.  And that is what we are about; helping to grow YOUR success faster.

Here is their story and how Manifast helped them.

Check out the impact Daraja Foundation has made and consider making a donation or helping out.

What are you doing to create an impact?