Time Is Running Out Business Planning and StrategyI was just thinking about how the two camps around resolutions: those who “make and break them” every year and those who say they “don’t believe in making any”.

The second camp realize that they will break them so they don’t bother; the pessimistic or realistic view.

The first camp remains optimistic and tries to make “this” year different. Yet, unfortunately most will fail to reach their goals.

Which camp are you in?

Coast to Coasting

As of this writing, December is almost one third complete and the year is almost 94% complete.

Most people are coasting their business into the New Year. It is understandable. There isn’t a lot of time left and with the last 10 days pretty much non-functioning, unless you are in a consumer based company, it is quite tempting.

I am not going to try to convince you that you should make good use of the next ten working days before you take a break. To use any slack time to work on your business. Do some planning to hit the ground running.

The odds would be against me.

You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve to coast for a bit; right?

The Regret and Resolutions

But come 1 January, you will be hit by that magical date change. The New Year will be upon you. After coasting for a few weeks you will be ready to get back at it.

Whether you admit it right now or not you will probably have some regrets about 2014. You will probably decide to do a few things differently in 2015; personally and with your business. Major dates have that effect.

So consider a few things:

  • What if you knew you had taken some steps prior to the holidays to make 2015 better without having to do much in 2015; would that actually help you enjoy the holidays more enjoyable?
  • Do you want to set some realistic goals for 2015 and actually have a plan and execution that get you there?
  • If you are going to get some help with your business in 2015, is there a tax or cash flow advantage in committing now?
  • Have you gotten yourself a business building gift that is a little more effective than a lottery ticket stocking stuffer?

The odds are (the 80/20 rule applies) that you won’t work on your business much in what is left of this year. But if you did, you would be way ahead of your competition.

What To Do Now

Here is what you can do.

Set the groundwork so that you take care of that planning and working on the business first thing in 2015. Along with your gym membership, get a personal trainer; you will be much more likely to stick with it.

And with your business, consider getting some help and accountability there too. Businesses that combine coaching with training tend to get much higher return on investment.

Make 2015 the year you actually get around to working on your business as much as it needs.

P.S. Check out some of our options to help you with that.


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