Logic Versus Emotion Sticking to the PlanVisionary business leaders and entrepreneurs are attracted to ideas. We get excited by them in fact. They idea of accomplishing something amazing or new can keep us motivated when most other people will quit.

At least until something distracts us and we have a new passion of the day.

Or until a crisis comes along that forces us off our path.

Distractions, whether from a crisis or from new ideas, are generated by our emotional side and then justified by our logic. 

We lose track of which came first.

In the video "Influence and Success Insight: Your Emotions Supporting Your Logic", Bob Burg talks about getting our logic in order first, and then using emotion to support the logic.

Pro Tip: Don't confuse emotions with intuition.

We've been talking a lot in the last few weeks about mission, vision and setting goals including in "The True Cost Of Not Having A Clear Business Plan". 

In business you can use your emotions to support your logic by:

  • Being clear on mission, core values and vision.
  • Writing your strategy down so it doesn't change with the wind.
  • Being somewhat flexible or adaptable on how you get there.
  • Sticking with your logical decision until the goal is acheived.
  • Refocusing your emotions to support your goals.

This is how you get lasting success in your business.

Here's Bob' video.


 How are you making your emotions work for you?