I hear a lot of people saying I gave 100%. Some can even apparently give more then everything they have, 110% or 120%.

Physics, economics, logic and math aside, how do you know you are giving it your all?

Effort Or Time

Is it time spent? Are you spending every waking moment dedicated to achieve your goal. Is this effective?

Exertion or Exhaustion

Are you going until you collapse into exhaustion? Are you sprinting or running the marathon?

Brainpower and Smarts

Or maybe you are dedicated to learning everything you can about the subject and succeeding because everyday you out think your competition. At the end of the day your brain is wiped because you can’t think any more.


Do you willingly share or use all the information that is available to you or do you hold some of it back to protect your turf; knowledge is power.

Your Heart and Soul

Maybe you are pouring all your passion into your project. At the end of the day you have nothing left emotionally.

Which 100%?

Which 100% are you giving? Sure there are probably other measures. When looking at these measures, can you really say you are giving 100% day in and day out.

Is that even sustainable? Really?

Walking the Edge

If you are not making mistakes, if you are not occasionally willing to look foolish, are you really walking the edge… giving it 100%?

Or are you playing it safe because you are holding something back. Protecting your image. Keeping the illusion intact.

What are you holding back? Is that keeping you from the success you want?

Here’s The Thing

You can’t give 100% all the time. You don’t need to.

But you can give the 100% that matters; when it matters most.