"He never guessed that following his father’s wishes would set him up for the life he loved best – being an entrepreneur."

My high school graduation experience culminated in me losing my long hair and getting paid to get screamed at all summer.

To be honest, I didn’t choose the military on my own.

Basic training was a culture shock. There are plenty of movies that show what it is like. You don’t get to eat popcorn when you are in it.

My father told me that he wasn’t paying for my university and I would have to get a job. Since he was an officer in the military he suggested I apply for the Regular Officer Training Program where you get your education paid for in exchange for four years of service. Despite being an honor student it never occurred to me that he might have been bluffing. That is a wisdom trait I learned later.

It also never occurred to me to flunk out on the tests to get in. So I humored him and applied and did all the entry tests.

Then I got accepted.

So it was off to Basic Officer Training…


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