Maybe you just lost a big client or didn’t win a big proposal. Maybe you are just getting going in your business.

What is the first reaction when you have a cash flow shortage in your business?

If you are like 99% of people your first reaction is “I need more money, fast. How do I quickly get more money?”

You’ve now shifted the focus to you.

Not your client.

I recently caught myself thinking something like this. “How do I make another $10,000 dollars per month?”

If you go to try and sell something in this frame of mind, it will probably not go well. People can smell it.

If I am your client I want you thinking about me. Not you. Me!

No theft stealing focus business success

Mind Shifting

“Pindar: If you need money… add value. If you need a lot of money, add a lot of value.

Debra Davenport: What if you need a lot of money fast?

Pindar: Then find a way to add a lot of value fast!”  ~ The Go-Giver

By shifting your focus to your clients and what you can do for them you are accomplishing two things simultaneously:

  • Shifting your focus to serving or creating value,
  • Shifting from a problem mindset to a solution mindset.

This is not a fake out. You genuinely need to focus on them and creating value.

The question then becomes more like one of this, “How do I create enough value for my client that they would be ecstatic paying $10,000 for the service or product?”

But there is a potential multiplier at play here if you shift the question. As Randy Gage says, not a bad question, but a better question is: “How do I create enough value for my clients that they would be ecstatic paying $10,000 for the service or product?”

(One extra “s” makes all the difference.)

Then: “How do I reach those clients and communicate the value?”

So is it:

  • 10 clients each paying $1000 = $10,000, or
  • 10 client each paying $10,000 = $100,000?

It all depends on how much value you can create and how well you can communicate that value to your ideal clients.

Now you have options.

Value is a lot easier to create, sell and deliver when you focus on it and your clients first.

The money will come. It always follows value delivery; as long as you are open to receiving it.

It may look like I was focusing on the money first in the examples. The money is just my way of establishing the scale of the value that needs to be created. It is also part of a definiteness of purpose mindset. Be specific.

Focus on Value First!

This is exactly the approach I am using in creating our new Manifast – Business Intensive programs; working from client value creation first.

How can you use this idea to create new value for your clients? Comments welcome.