Most people identify strongly with one camp or the other.

I always trust my instincts or intuition first and foremost.

Or I measure and test everything and always go on logic.

The artist has an idea and implements it and uses emotion and subjective feedback to validate that they are right based on their belief system.

The scientist has a hunch and then will devise experiments to prove their theory through measurable evidence.

Business right and left brain art science

The scientist appears to be less intuitive because they have trained themselves (or it comes naturally) to take their emotions out of the equation so they can find the truth.

The thing is, both start from the same place.

The creative idea. The hunch. The connecting of dots. Passion.


The biggest difference is how they prove their points.

Your business needs to find a balance between both.

As branding expert Bill Ellis pointed out in one of his posts, The Beatles were highly successful not just because they were artistically creative, but because they also experimented and adjusted what they were bringing to their fans over time as the market and industry evolved; applying a little bit of science.

You can write really good marketing or sales copy that resonates with you on artistic level. But by applying a little science and actually doing some A/B testing, you can actually find out which ideas perform better in the real world.

The difference can be astounding.

The key is you can play to your natural talents and pair up with people who fill in the blanks.

In pretty much all the cases I’ve seen, the most successful people and businesses have found a good balance between art and science… between intuition, passion, subjective feedback and scientific feedback.

Get the two working together well and watch your business grow.