I feel a strong compulsion to step into my potential and see where it goes. It is like the Universe is pushing and shoving me in a certain direction. There is a mix of excitement and fear in my mind.

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Sometimes I resist. Maybe I can stay with things they way they are.

Yet the push comes again. Sometimes urgent, sometimes gently caressing my mind.

Who is the Universe to tell ME what to do? I have free will don't I?

What if it is wrong? What if I leave my current place of safety and it doesn't work out?

What if I stay?

A few people are encouraging me. What do they see? Are they in league with the Universe?

Many people are telling me it won't work. Nobody wants it. Others are already doing it. It can't be done.

Do they have no faith in me? Do they not understand the game? 

Many people choose to live with "enough". Be happy where you are. Money does not buy happiness. Success is not worth the price. 

The treacherous dichotomy. This OR that.

Yet the push keeps coming back. Ever more persistent.

You CAN enjoy life AND have success. Step into your potential and see where it goes.

At times my mind races from the possibilities. Sometimes it cowers in fear.

Most times I show none of this to others; brave.

Yet it is not success or money I deep down crave. It is the people, the game and who I can learn to be.

Let me rest. Let me sleep. Why so urgent?

The Universe doesn't answer.

And then I realized.

The push is inside me.