Man-on-moon-big-vision-passion-goal successl

You can successfully put on your socks in the morning.

You can successfully walk on the moon.

Both are successes.

Walking on the moon is made up of lots of little successes like putting on your socks.

And taking the first steps. And the next ones. Until one day…

Not trivial but lots of little successes require fewer big leaps and giant steps.

They compound.

Often big leaps to success requires the potential for great failure. 

Little success may only require little failures. Lots of them. Learn and improve. Try.

Recovery from failure is not as difficult when the fall is shorter.

It might take longer. Or it might actually be faster.

But you may still get to the moon.

There could be more than one way to YOUR dream as well.

Leap or step. Giant is the result.