Consistent excellence doesn’t just happen. Someone planned for it, it is measured and there is accountability.

In my last post, I talked about processes that were not working.

This is about the opposite.

Roman bath with partying dwarves

The Cleanest Washrooms Ever

I was at the Minute Lube on McLeod Trail here in Calgary. The lineups were a little long and after I got into the service bay I had to use the facilities. This is a typical assembly line oil change place staffed mostly by young men.

You go into the washroom and close the door.

The decor is very homey and modern. The washroom is spotless including the toilet seat.

You open the door. Yes, I am still in a garage staffed by young men.

How Can This Be?

I asked. They check and clean the washroom every 20 minutes.

Unlike the messy department store washrooms where they say they do it every hour but it is obvious they don’t really, they actually do it.

And they don’t put up a sign saying we care.

They just care.

I told him I was impressed.

Systems Focused

They don’t leave it to chance. They don’t check once in a while. They check every 20 minutes.

They created a system and now they are working the system.

A business is already a system composed of sub-systems and processes. They are either good or bad. They either serve you or they don’t. The mistake is assuming that you don’t have any already and they can just be glued on later.

What are you doing to ensure your customers get an excellent end-to-end experience? I hope you are putting in great systems.