Once you are absolutely clear on your business vision, you need to make sure that everyone who can help you get there knows what it is.

The classic mistake is most business owners only review the strategy with their team on a periodic basis; maybe even only quarterly or annually.

In my last post on “Definiteness of Purpose: Holding the Vision” I talked about why having a vision is important to an entrepreneur in keeping focus and avoiding distractions.

Now you need to get the power of the team behind the vision.

Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” defines a Master Mind as:

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Most people today call it a Mastermind (one word). Hill specifically says Master Mind for a reason. The focus in on the Minds coming together for a common purpose.

Everyone needs to know what that purpose is for it to work.

communicate your vision noise megaphones

Share Often

Everyone needs to be constantly focused on what the end goal is when they are doing the work of trying to move towards it.

You can’t really over-communicate the vision.

The primary role of a leadership team is to ensure everyone knows where they are heading; the vision.

Every day. Every week. Every month.

Until everyone is thinking about getting there and how their work matters.

After that clarity their ideal role is to get out of the way and support the team in getting to the destination.

Of course, it rarely works out quite so simply so the next step is to show the way.

Show The Way

Help people on the team understand how everything they do either moves the business closer or further from the vision.

Show them how what they do is accomplishing the vision.

Even if they are not directly involved in executing the strategy, what they do matters for the vision.

If your vision is to have 10,000 customers for your product or service… the people serving today’s customers matter. If they serve them well, scaling your business becomes so much easier.

Reinforce In All Decisions

When making any major business decision, come back to the vision as a team:

  • What is the best decision we can make that will move us closer to the vision?
  • If it won’t move us towards the vision, will it create other opportunities or benefits that will enable the vision?
  • What should we say no to?
  • What should we do today to move us closer?

Repetition Ad Nausea

When the leaders are sick of talking about the vision… that is about the right amount of repetition. But unlike the flu, you don’t get over it.

Keep repeating.

When the team can mimic not only the words but the delivery you know you’ve hit the sweet spot.

The thing is, people have a tendency to drift.

Drifting causes us to lose focus on our goals and never really achieve them.

The solution?

Definiteness of Team Purpose: Communicate the Vision.

How often are you communicating your business vision?