There is a distinct difference between these three ways of imparting knowledge and inspiring people to take action both inside and out of your business. Yet, they are frequently misused.

Learn teach preach

  • Learn: You provide the information and situation to allow the person to draw their own conclusions. 
  • Teach: You guide someone through the logic of the information to the conclusion you want to impart.
  • Preach (or Dictate): You tell someone the answer and use fear or appeal to faith (in you or something bigger). 

In reality, preaching is best accomplished by teaching or allowing people to learn.

Someone who has mastered learning will seek out and challenge teachers to further their understanding. 

You can't challenge preachers.

Allowing people to learn has some risk. They may come to a conclusion you don't like. 

Maybe your conclusion is wrong.

Don't be lazy and preach when you need to teach. You will build a culture of yes people and annoy learners.

Oh, and you can't teach someone who is unwilling to learn.

To create a business culture that thrives in today's fast paced and competitive world you probably need learners and teachers.

Seek to inspire people instead of having them merely comply.

Be clear on which method you are using and why.