Thorns and Ideal Customers Sea Buckthorn BushI stopped by one of our Sea Buckthorn bushes the other night for a snack. The berries are small and a little tart but packed with nutrition.

The bush is characterized by big sharp spikes, generally 1-2 inches long (2-5 cm). They make it difficult to get the fruit but you can as long as you are patient and careful.

It occurred to me.

I am not the bush’s ideal client!

The ideal client are the little birds that clean off the bush in a few hours. They spread the seeds further and the spikes or thorns don’t affect them much at all.

Your Ideal Clients

There are a quick set of lessons here:

  • Do you know who your ideal clients are?
  • Do you make it easy for them to get the fruit?
  • Do you have thorns in place to protect you from potential hungry clients who you can’t serve well or they consume more than the product or service offered (the shrub itself)?
  • Do you have it backwards and make it too hard for your ideal customers to get your fruit?