Are your beliefs holding you back in sales?

If you don't believe you can sell until…

  • You have a killer web site,
  • You have a flawless script,
  • You have a gorgeous glossy brochure and beautiful business cards,
  • You have been trained for countless hours,
  • You have 10,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 page likes on Facebook,
  • Essentially, everything is perfect…

You won't!

Just like anything else you choose to do, it is extremely difficult to exceed your own expectations.

Sales starts with attitude.

If you are the only one selling, your business will die or at the very least, you will starve.

Positive mental attitude sales success

Don't Blame Me, It Is Not My fault!

Blame is for people who want to be in the bottom or at best average.

For every thing that you claim has to be better or perfect I can find (many) examples of people and companies who don't do it that like that and yet succeed anyways.

I know people who sell products and services that don't exist yet let alone have perfect marketing and sales materials.

But they can sell because they believe what they have provides value. 

They even sell when visiting the dentist.

Ultimately Sales Is About Serving

Sales is not about convincing people to buy something of no value to them. If your product and/or service is good and it serves your customers you have an obligation to put the two together.

Authenticity goes a long, long way. 

Be yourself. Make lots of connections. Network. Genuinely help your prospects whether or not they buy. 

Be human. With humans.

Be in it for the long haul. Keep connecting. Keep matching problems to solutions; even if you don't have that solution.

Show your passion. Let it come through.

Tools Versus People

Sure having better tools usually helps.

The air nail gun outperforms a hammer (except if you end up in the emergency room due to a careless trigger finger). But a hammer still gets the job done. Even a rock can become a hammer in a pinch.

Tools are tools. They help.

People are what really matters.

Top Performers

That is what top performers do. They don't wait for things to get perfect.

They start with a rock, buy a hammer and then make things better as they go. Tweak, test and repeat.

They participate in creating solutions. Not just pointing out problems. Solutions.

It all starts with your mental game. Your attitude.

You have to believe you are helping people in some way to fulfill a need or want. Things are better or they are happier or both.

You have to believe you can sell. That you WILL sell.

No excuses or negativity allowed. Your customers and everyone in your company depends on it.