Yesterday could have been a bad day.

An Apple A Day

I lost all of the contacts on my iPhone. I got distracted while connecting the phone to my computer to restore from backup and missed cancelling the automatic Sync and backup process.

I went to restore the contacts and the only options were backups from a few minutes ago with the corrupted data.

Not good.

Brief Rant: Seriously Apple, you should allow me to set how long I want to keep backups for (at least a week); I have lots of hard drive space. People don't always notice the problem right away and aren't technically savvy enough to understand your product limitations. I didn't until after the fact. As well I should be able to pick what I want to restore, not overwrite everything from the last backup.

This is basic backup and restore 101.

Weeping Ceiling Tiles

Our landlord installed a water feature in our office this spring. Let's call it the weeping ceiling. 

Apparently the air conditioning unit did not properly deal with condensation and flooded the mechanical room. The floors being concrete soaked up a lot of the water. Our ceiling started weeping and the ceiling tiles came crashing down. Our carpets were soaked.

This happened over the long weekend and was our surprise for a second time when we returned on Tuesday.

Sign Dont Take Life Too Seriously Attitude Matters

Fortunately, we didn't have anything important there right now.

Still, this could have been really bad day. But I stopped to think for a bit.

It Could Be Worse

The worst thing you can do is assume things can't get worse.

They can.

All I had to do was think about the people who lost their lives, homes or businesses during the Calgary or High River flooding.

All I had to do was think of my wonderful friend in the UK who is suffering from chronic pain; her skin so sensitive it hurts to touch it. She has an amazingly positive attitude throughout it all.

I took a deep breath, and let the anger and frustration go.

These are small things.

They need to be be dealt with. But they don't need to ruin my day.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Don't take life too seriously.

The picture says it all.

So it ended up being a pretty good day. Tomorow will be excellent.