I was looking for wording on a new motto for myself the other day. So I asked some people on social media (Twitter) for feedback on:

"If you can't be funny, at least be odd."

After listening to feedback from my friends around the world on Twitter, I changed it to:

"If you can't be funny, at least be different."

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After thinking about it, even the Monty Python crew used to say "and now for something completely different", even though some of their stuff was… well, odd.

I am even thinking of embedding this one in our company's core values as a reminder to have fun and stand out.

Actually, I am pretty sure I will.

Super Powers and Market Feedback

Yes this is a very simple example but it does highlight something very significant that was not there even 5 years ago.

You have an amazing and relatively new ability to find and engage with people around the world who share the same interests as you. You can:

  • Get immediate feedback on an idea,
  • Expand your options,
  • Involve people who care about your success in your decision making,
  • Determine if anyone would be interested in your new product or service before you spend too much time making it, and
  • Anything else you would have required a lot of time and money to find out in the past.

This not to say other traditional methods are dead. But this does open the door to smaller businesses to have the reach of the giants.

Just remember to do it as a conversation. You care about them and they care about you. It takes time and work to engage regularly, but not nearly as much work and money as it did in the past.

So how are you using your new super-powers?