Your attitude is the most powerful force in your arsenal to give you the life you want. The good news is that for most people, attitude can be influenced and even controlled by… you.

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."  Zig Ziglar

Chances Are

Bad Attitude Construction Worker Attitude is your ChoiceIf you are not happy in your job or role chances are your attitude is the cause.

If you are waiting around for someone to motivate you, chances are your attitude is the problem.

If everything that is not right in your life is someone else's fault, you are playing the victim and that is… your attitude.

If you can't seem to attract or keep enough money to live life at the level you would like; yup another attitude issue.

If you are quick to anger when your children do anything wrong, it is not your children who are busted, you have an attitude problem.

The One Thing

You don't control the world. You control your attitude. 

Or it controls you.

Like a stallion is controlled by a mare in heat.

Your choice.

Leaders Don't Motivate

Do you seriously think that great leaders go around and personally motivate the masses? Change bad attitudes to good ones? All day and every day?

It doesn't scale.

It is exhausting.

They do not go looking for people with bad attitudes and try to forcibly convert them. (That is a different occupation.)

Great leaders attract people who have a the right attitude and share the same or similar view of the future.

They speak to the parts that exist already even if they are underdeveloped.

And encourage and enhance those. And give those people the opportunity to grow. Nudge and guide the promising ones. Help develop other leaders.

And cast off those that don't or won't fit.

It is not a surprise to either party.

It isn't cruel. Forcing people to change to suit "your" beliefs is.

After all, to change "You've gotta wanna"!

This scales.

The Inner Work

You don't have to go it alone:

  • You can find an environment that speaks to you. 
  • You can spend more time with people who have a positive attitude.
  • You can seek help.
  • You can do something different.

But the inner work is yours and yours alone.

You need to show up with the right attitude.

If you don't believe that… I think you have an attitude problem.