Randy Gage recently announced he is disappearing from public life.

"Effective today, I’ll stop posting to my Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel and blog, and am going to disappear from the public stage."

I have recently been thinking about Sally Hogshead's book "Fascinate" and how I could apply it to my message.

My primary trigger happens to be Mystique. So the rest of his message was fascinating to read.

Now back to Randy…

Chinese pagoda thinking learning growing success mystiqueHe doesn't tell us what he is doing next; just a lot of possibilities.

And a big problem:

"The exponentially increasing speed of change and technology development will make the next decade the most chaotic one in human history.  We are going to have to find answers to the most perplexing questions humankind has ever had to face."

and the rest of the Mystique:

"For humankind to survive these challenges, it will require a whole new level of thinking.  I’m not at that level of thinking yet, but I’m committed to getting there.  And that is the reason for the adventure I’m about to embark on."

Randy could sit on the beach and sip margaritas the whole time on vacation. He won't though. I believe he is too curious and too much of a life-long learner.

One thing is for sure, you can bet that when he returns his audience will be eagerly awaiting what he has learned.

And his value will have gone up… exponentially.

A brilliant use of Mystique.

Hats off to Randy Gage!

How are you using mystique or the other 6 triggers? Leave a comment below.