After well over 12 years in business I have noticed that one key ingredient is absolutely essential to business success.

In fact, every single time we've run into problems (and I assure you we are not perfect either) I can trace it back to this cause.

Focusing your business on the things that matter most does not happen by accident.

Ensuring that your company stays on course to execute on its vision is not a once a year event.

Ensuring adherence to your core values and culture is not a part-time job.

Delivering your value promise to your customers each and every time is not something you can leave to chance.

It Takes Pig-Headed Discipline (PhD) and Determination

Wild boar pig headed discipline required for business success

Pig-Headed Discipline (PhD) (Chet Holmes coined this in "The Ultimate Sales Machine") is not learned in a fancy college or university. 

It is not some archaic management technique used to beat employees into compliance.

It is all about deciding what matter most and then doing that… when you would rather be doing something else.

It is about focus, determination and persistence to achieve your goals no matter what. Pushing through when things are difficult. Not listening to the non-believers.

It is required to lose weight and keep it off. It is required to stay fit and eat healthy. It is required for everything you want to excel at.

And it works best when the whole team is involved.

Actually this is essential.

Buy-in and Teamwork

Trying to have a sizable business that is hugely successful but is directed only by a few people at the top will not work. Or it won't when the boss is not watching.

It is best to:

  • Hire and train for what matters most,
  • Be clear on mission, vision, core values, culture and what is important to clients, 
  • Involve everyone possible in innovating around improving those things that are important, and
  • Trust your team to do the right thing.

Leadership's Role

Leadership is there to keep the team on the target. To be the lighthouse. This includes reinforcing the message until they are tired of hearing it themselves.

If fact, Joe Calloway in "Be The Best At What Matters Most" suggests that: if your people are starting to recite and mimic your delivery of the message, you are doing it right.

This does not mean it has to be boring (or boaring). Find your own style and what works for you.

Getting Your PhD

Almost everyone is capable of it but not everyone will step up to getting their PhD.

Actually most won't.

Most people will do what they feel like doing. Or what keeps them busy.

But it won't be the most important work.

That is fine. As long as you and your business graduate you will be head and shoulders above your competition.

Add some passion about where you are heading into the mix with the discipline and determination… and being Pig-Headed will be whole lot easier.