What if you could figure out how to hatch a dragon?

It would be a cool and magical moment.

Man riding a dragon

As soon as you create, the real challenges begin.

  • How do you feed a dragon?
  • How big will it get?
  • Where do you keep it?
  • What about the breathing fire part?

Dragons are dragons by nature. They are notoriously independent. And hungry.

The Strategic View

So the most important questions? 

  • How do you ensure it doesn't cook or eat you? 
  • Or your friends?
  • Or other people?

Why did you hatch a dragon?

Might be good to have a plan for this BEFORE you hatch the dragon. Or not… if you like gambling.

Business Is Like Hatching a Dragon

Creating a new business, product or service is only the beginning; no matter how difficult or easy it was.

The ongoing challenge is keeping it alive and dealing with all of the other stuff.

The big long-term questions. 

The strategy beyond hatching the dragon.