We all have them, the thoughts and beliefs that limit our
potential to achieve our dreams. These are the bricks that we use to build
walls in our mind; the ones that limit what we can and can’t do.

The thing is most of them were put there by ourselves.

Yes Sergeant!

Back when I was just out of high school and in basic officer
training (Canadian Air Force) I was quite shy and introverted. I jumped into an
environment that requires anything but. Besides the nightmares the biggest
things I learned is that I am capable of a lot more I than I thought and I don’t
quit. I guess they saw the potential in that because they kept me.

After that experience I also realized how easily most people quit.

Blowing Up the Walls

As I read “Just Blow It Up” by Dixie Gillaspie, I felt like
Dixie was talking to me. In fact I felt as if I had been hit by a virtual two
by four in the virtual noggin. As much as I believe I can do just about
anything I set my mind to, the topics and questions in the book made me rethink
it all and come to a deeper understanding of how I built my walls.

Just Blow It UpI know Dixie as a Master Go-Giver Coach, a Coach and as a
friend. So I know that after the tough parts of discovery, Dixie was not
leaving us in the lurch. Ultimately the goal was to move us forward.

The book is divided into four parts with each part
progressing from how Dixie got into this, to how your bricks are built, to the
walls they form and ultimately how to remove those walls.

Just the right balance of stories and humor to keep it entertaining,
allow us to connect, and at the same time, enough theory and tools to not only
dig into what makes up your own brick walls, but ultimately blow them up.

For instance, growing up I would never have contemplated
starting my own school (John David Mann actually did it). The snippets from the
Dynamite Dialogs were priceless, intimate and real. You will have to get the
book for the scoop but Bob Burg, Bill Ellis and Richard Bach made some appearance
among others.

While this is predominantly a book about personal growth and
mindset, the exact same principles can be applied to your business as well (for
your entire team).

Blow up your brick walls, embrace your full potential,
decide on your destination, and then Manifast your dreams.

I know that whenever someone tells me I can’t or I am not
good enough to do something I get stubborn and “I can too, just watch me!”

The key is to do it because you also "want to".