Sometimes even the experts have a hard time with embracing good business wisdom and instead go with the herd by default.

Be Different Stand Out

Be Different, But Not Too Much

We are told to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Be different from them in some discernible way.

Yet when you are too different some interesting things start to happen.

The experts tell you to be more like your competitors. And "everyone" becomes an expert.

See the problem is that our brains want to match new patterns with what we already know so we can make sense of the information. Put your product or service into categories it already understands. 

If you are too different the brain doesn't know what to do so it discards the extras and tries to match on only a part of the information; often not to your business advantage.

This happens even to the experts; they are human too.

Might As Well Look Like Them Too

Everyone is doing "X" with their websites right now. You should be more like them.

Your office needs to be "Y".

You need to dress like "Z".

If everyone is zigging it must be safe. But sometimes zagging is smarter.

Dream Big, But Not Too Big

We are told to shoot for the stars. If you miss you might end up on the moon.

Actually the odds of randomly hitting the moon are pretty low, not good odds at all… but I digress, it is just an analogy.

The experts will tell you you you are safer driving to the coast or flying to Europe (well now that it is relatively safe). The moon is for NASA, or the Google owners… the pros and the rich.

There are no more big winners in the world. Everything has already been done. Go narrow and tackle a very small niche really well. Be comfortable.

Better to play it safe and survive then aim for the stars and miss.

Creating Great Art

The funny thing is, creating art requires you to be different. To stand out from the crowd.

You need to understand the art of others where it applies. Always learn and make your art better. 

Lesson: One small compromise to reality (without caving in on your dream) is to play to people's inherent desire to fit you to a pattern. Appear to conform is some small way until they are in. Then surprise them with the art when they can appreciate it and learn.

We need big, bold and different.

Not always. Not for everything. Not for everyone. Not all art is popular or makes money.

And that is the beauty of Art.

It is for those who appreciate it.

Not for the critics. Not for the experts.

The noise is a merely a distraction while you learn to make Great Art.