Sometimes simple is simple. Sometimes making things appear simple is complex.

Things should be as simple for your clients as possible. They already have enough challenges without your products and services adding to them.

Brain maze complexity simplicity business solutions clients customers Our Example

We recently built a complex web-based tool for a customer. We designed one of the features to be super powerful.

But that required 12 plus different buttons to control that power. We were going to have to write a small user manual to explain how to use it.

It felt wrong.

So we redesigned it.

It now has three buttons and no user manual is required. The small bit of functionality we took away will never be missed. We had added complexity for no real value.

Complex to Simple

Creating perceived simplicity is elegant and takes work.

Real work. Real understanding.

Saying no to some things.

Taking on the complexity yourself and hiding it from the client if you have to.


What are you doing to change the complex into simple?