Many businesses are reacting to change when they absolutely have to. They are not anticipating changes and moving ahead of their competitors.

Tactical thinking rather than strategic.

This will continue to be true.

In Crossing the Chasm (Geoffrey Moore) the curve for adopting new technology (and ideas) is a bell curve. The Innovators and Early Adopters are a small group. Even the entire group of the Early Majority only brings the adoption rate up to 50%.

This is great news for strategic thinking business owners because disruption can let you jump ahead of your competitors.

A Trip to the Dentist

I needed a root canal and crown for my tooth. That is a pretty routine procedure.

What is not routine is that the dentist now has a milling machine on site and can make crowns while you wait.

No sending a mold off to the dental lab. No more waiting up to a week. One visit and it is done.

3D Printers

You can now buy 3D printers. You put in the specifications and out comes a 3 dimensional block of material that looks exactly like the drawing.

Offshore Comes to a City Near You

Robot juggling future business strategy

Manufacturing jobs have been moving offshore for years. The primary reason is simple, labor is cheaper in developing countries than here; even when you factor in shipping costs.

What happens when things are automated so much that people aren't really involved on the factory floor? Labor costs are tiny compared to the rest.

Offshore can come back and offshore loses the cost advantage.

What happens when offshore can be replicated nearby each major population center?

On demand. Customized. Built when you need it. Built just like you want it.

Custom fit clothes. Delivered to your door minutes after ordering just like a pizza is today.

The possibilities are endless.

Times are Changing

Randy Gage in "Risky is the New Safe" is entirely right. 

Fortunes will be lost and fortunes will be made.

Hint: Companies that can get their entire teams thinking and acting strategically will be the ones making the fortunes.