Every minute you are not working on “Your Most Important
Work” means you are not working at your full potential!

For most entrepreneurs and business owners, the day is
filled with things that need to get done.

The busy work.

If you are using lists to track your pending work it may
actually look something like this.

Your most important work task-lists business-success
Lists are a great first step for getting things done and not
forgetting things.

But they are overwhelming.

They are also potentially incomplete. The strategic stuff
you need to do might not even make the list or be lost somewhere in the pile.

Buried in the noise.

Checking off items on your list may become your primary
goal rather than results.

But what if you are not working on the right stuff?

10 Steps for Gaining Control of Your Day

  1. Start each day fresh,
  2. Review what you have been working on over the
    past day (or week),
  3. Celebrate the successes,
  4. Reflect and learn,
  5. Consider any new items that have materialized,
  6. Look at the things that if done would make a
    huge difference in your future,
  7. Make a list of 3-5 items with a mix of:
    • Moves business forward,
    • Must get done,
    • Builds your energy.
  8. Allocate time to each item,
  9. Schedule the items in a way that builds momentum
    (leave slack for emergencies).
  10. Do them.

Spend 5-10 minutes every day planning and repeat the steps every
day for the next 3 months. Get your entire team doing this. Consider using a tool to improve execution and visibility. 

You will be moving closer to your goals and dreams
faster than you ever thought possible.

Focusing on your most important work allows you
to "Manifast" your full potential.