Business leaders must often go with their gut in making timely decisions.  

But that begs the questions:

  • Why does trusting your gut work? 
  • When does it not work?

Many small business owners lack the required knowledge, experience or information to trust their intuition effectively. At the same time they often "believe" their intuition is serving them well.

Intuition is largely driven by the intersection of your subconscious brain and your conscious thoughts.

Your brain stores vast amounts of information and experiences as well as the corresponding emotions, etc. that go with them.

When you need to make a decision quickly without enough conclusive information, your brain matches up its experiences and information to find a pattern that will help right now.

Not enough information and your brain will go with the closest emotions.

So the more time you take to gain experience and knowledge in the areas of business that matter, the better "your gut" will work.

Science Measure Procedures Business Intuition Success
This means you need to act more like a scientist in four steps:

  • Measure your business performance,
  • Observe what works,
  • Experiment with small and larger changes,
  • Develop your theories into procedures so they are repeatable.

Make your business intuition more effective by backing it up with science.