Most businesses I've come across write goals that are devoid of any passion.

Typical Goal Setting

A typical vision or long-term business goal.

  • 5000 customers
  • 20 million in revenue
  • Sell tools, coaching and training
  • Happy customers
  • by 2016

This is pretty clear so most businesses stop there.

Man on moon business big vision passion goal
A Better Version

2016, we are going to help 5000 business owners and their teams create dream
businesses that enrich the lives of everyone they touch. We will deliver so
much value through our tools, coaching and training that our
customers will gladly pay us $20 million and act as personal walking ambassadors (raving fans); allowing us to reach even more dream business builders in the future.

Goals With Passion

Same destination. Different style.

I think the second version provides not only more passion but a LOT more guidance to the team. The act of making powerful adjectives and adverbs come into reality is powerful tool.

Why aren't you adding passion to your business vision and goal setting?

Do it now. The world needs passionate companies who are making a difference.