In business and life we are often faced with choices: the seemingly easy path and the hard road.

The Easy Path

There are times when the easy path is the right choice. No need to complicate life for things that don't really matter.

A lot the time though, the easy path only seems easier and often is only easier over the short-term.

Yet, most people will take the easy path anyways. Brush things under the rug. Don't deal with problems. Put things off.

The easy path is easier right now. That is all that matters. 

After-all, maybe the consequences will never materialize.

Hard road strategic goals success business mountain trail

The Hard Road

The hard road is… "harder". No surprise there.

It requires tougher decisions. Hard work.

It usually requires giving up something else. 

It often requires the hardest thing of all; personal change.

High achievers generally learn to embrace the harder road and even enjoy it; celebrating greater meaning and success through bigger victories.

The hard road in business is almost always the more strategic route as well since it is usually focused on the bigger win over the shorter-term tactics.

It leads to the top.

The Choice

Many people tend to take the easy path whenever possible. 

Let's cut ourselves some slack though, we are wired to look for the easy or safe route and to follow the crowd.

Ultimately, your choices will affect where your business (and life) end up.

To make real gains you often need to be willing to do what everyone is not willing to do. Aim for the longer-term benefit and sacrifice the short-term. Be willing to change and improve. To stick with it.

Not always. When required. You need to push. Be uncomfortable.

To take the hard road.