Are you trying to remove all risk from your business?

I saw this sign by some escalators that were out of order the other day.

It got me to thinking:

  • Are stairs really more dangerous than escalators?
  • Is the warning about the fact you will have to exert yourself; exercise is dangerous?
  • If you can read the sign, don't you think you would notice that the escalator was not moving?
  • What would happen if the sign was not there? Would people just stand on the first stair for hours without noticing?

The fact that this sign is even required shows how much of the business world has become about reducing risk and liability and not creating new value.

A business is all about providing value to customers through products and services. 

The most successful companies are creating and innovating in their markets; not playing it safe.

As Randy Gage's book says: "Risky is the New Safe".

Essentially, playing it safe is not actually playing it safe because the world is changing faster and faster.

If your business is all about protecting what you have and relying on what you did in the past you have a problem.

You are no longer moving forward. You've become complacent.

Stairs don't move either.

Don't be a business owner acting as stairs.

The biggest rewards come to businesses that are taking calculated risks. The ones delivering more value today than they did yesterday.