One of the books I am reading right now is “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

This is not the first book I’ve read on the importance of knowing your purpose or having a mission.

The book talks about “why” as opposed to “what” and “how”. The businesses that create the most loyalty and avoid being commodities do this right.

“Inspire” rather than “Manipulate”. When people are aligned with your “why” they will pay a premium or suffer inconvenience to stay with you. The rest need to manipulate their customers into buying.

Lots of great stuff here but rather than talk theory… why not start with “Why”?

Why Did We Create Manifast?

Why not!

(Ok, just kidding.)

Putting such complex thoughts and feelings to paper is actually not that easy.

Backing up a Bit

I believe that greatness is created from head and heart. Some might argue that your body plays a role in many instances. True. But without thought and passion your body will probably not accomplish much.

So why do some people rise to their full potential and many don’t? This is a topic that fascinates me. What makes people tick?

So last year we set our company mission to be:

“Help people achieve success at their full potential.”

This captures it a bit. But it still doesn’t fully explain the why.

North America Eh?

Canada and our little sparsely populated neighbour to the south of us matured and grew as nations by thriving on the pioneer spirit. That drive for building and innovation built some very prosperous companies with new products and services.

Success is the enemy of future success.

As we’ve matured and prospered we’ve begun to feel entitled to it as a society. Entitlement is dangerous thinking.

The economy and everything else has become and will continue to become more global. Other nations are rising up to prosperity right now and others will be doing this same in the future. This is the ebb and flow of civilization throughout time.

This is a good thing.

I believe the pie is as big as we want it to be. There is no requirement for one region of the world to “have not” so another can “have”.

Think about it this way. If more people have the money to buy your products, you can rise up further as well.

I believe the bar can be raised for everyone.

Technology is Changing Everything

It is changing the way we learn. It is changing the way we socialize and interact. In “Risky is the New Safe” by Randy Gage he talks about a whole host of ways things are going to change; already are.

Maybe I am naive but I still believe technology can be harnessed to bring out the best in us (at least for those who want it).

Business is the Best Way Forward

Government does not create jobs. At least not ones that generate an exchange of value that is self-sustaining.

Businesses create jobs. Entrepreneurs create businesses. Until we can colonize the stars, this is still one frontier that pioneers worldwide can thrive in. Creating new products and services that drive value out into the market.

So helping businesses succeed helps create jobs. It builds the economy and a better world.

But not just any jobs.

Jobs where owners and employees can achieve success at their full potential (our mission).

Where people can:

Manifast their dream business”.

So Why Manifast?

Because it inspires us to look for ways to help businesses not only thrive and grow, but become places where people can aspire to their full potential.

Admittedly this is a rather large challenge. But “we” don’t have to solve it all.

You see the wonderful part about this is that others will solve parts of it as well. Because our way forward involves tapping into and supporting others who are inspired to believe the same things.

Not everyone.

The people and organizations that share our “why” (or we share theirs). The ones that are inspired by similar beliefs and goals.

The Go-Giver” and the Certified Go-Giver Coaching program is like that. You can give to the Go-Giver community at the same time they are giving back to you; because everyone shares the same “why”. Everyone grows. You are not constrained from but actually encouraged to achieve your own dreams.

And this strengthens the overall community.

So Why Manifast?

Because all of the above (and more) plus it is something to challenge our heads and inspire our hearts… and dreams should be big.

What is your why?