I was thinking about manifestation, receptivity and abundance a lot the other day; especially from a personal and business success perspective. 

Part of it was my own learning and observation, part of it was triggered by comments during our Wednesday coaching call… but it was my own dog who really put it all together for me.

A Dog and Pony

Our dog Kaylee was visiting a friend's house. They happen to have kids. Kids tend to leave lots of toys laying around.

She entered the house not knowing what to expect. She had never been there before.

As she ran around exploring and checking out all the things on the floor she found a small stuffed toy pony. She decided it was the best thing in the house.

After a bit they noticed Kaylee had found this toy. By then it was a bit soggy and one eye had fallen off.

The host decided Kaylee could keep the toy. 

For the next day she carried it around our house and it was her new favorite toy. She washed it and gently chewed on it. None of her old toys had the same appeal.

I took a picture and was just going to post it on Facebook. Then it hit me.

Dogs know how to receive.

Kaylee – Watching me approach the stuffed pony

Keeping it Simple

Dogs and young children keep it simple. They know how to receive. 

Is this true in your personal life? In your business?

I realized that human adults have a tendency to complicate things in business. Is it easy for people who would really relate to your why (your ideal customers) to find you and buy your product and services?


How could you make it easier?

Re-framing Success

Success today could be as simple as finding a cool new toy that brings you joy. It is likely fleeting. That stuffed pony has already started falling apart. What will bring you joy tomorrow? P.S. I don't recommend just taking things, dogs have a different frame than your hosts.

What does success mean to you? I would suggest that few people really know this answer for themselves.

A big reason is that there are two parts of your brain at play. One part apparently thinks in terms of feelings but not words. Other part thinks in terms of logic and words. The two parts don't speak the same language so it is not surprising we can't put into words (very easily) what will make us happy. We only have a vague sense.

Apparently this is even worse for most guys (what are you feeling?).

So we have to guess based on the past and what we anticipate for the future.

The clearer we are about what generally makes us happy, the more likely we will know the prize pony when we see it.

Remaining Open

Sometimes you need to be fairly specific. Sometimes you can be a little more general. 

Kaylee was not looking for a stuffed pony. She was looking for something fun.

If you are too specific and operating only out of your logical mind you can miss the opportunities that may arise to be successful in other ways. 

Are you unintentionally setting mental roadblocks that keep you from taking opportunities? I know I do that when I am feeling overwhelmed by the busy-ness of today. Are you afraid of getting help from others?

If Kaylee had not been able to keep the toy she would have moved on quickly. Often people become too attached to a thing or idea from the past.

Move on. There are other opportunities.

You Don't Always Get What You Want

This is especially true when what you want involves someone specific doing something for you. Or even worse, someone else having to lose in order for you to win. You can't make other people do anything. 

If you decide the only way for you to be happy is to get the lead role in a particular play, somebody is going to lose. If you are open to getting the lead in any play, options open up. If your goal is to become a world class actor or actress even more options can open up.

If you decide that the only way for your business to succeed is to get bought out by Google; you are setting yourself up for failure rather than leaving things open for success. 

This is not to say you should not set goals or plan. 

Be open to changing the plan. 

There are usually many paths to get from where you are to where you need to be. Keep the end in mind but be flexible in the how and what.

You don't always get what you want, but you might get what you need (if you are open to receiving).