In my last post I talked about finding a business coach (or adviser or consultant).

Once you seriously commit to the process of having a coach something happens.

Have you ever heard how people will hire a maid or clearing service and then just before they arrive, they clean the house from top to bottom because “I don’t want them to think I am a slob”.

Well just the act of hiring a coach works something like that if you are serious. You immediately start thinking about the things that you want to improve and do better because “someone” will be looking.


Who are you accountable to for your results as a business owner?

Many small and mid-sized business owners are the shareholder, the sole Director and the top executive in the business. It is actually quite hard to be accountable to yourself; very few people can pull it off consistently well because our minds are easily distracted.

Michael Gerber of “The E-Myth” likened it to having a madman as a boss.

Even if you have a multiple shareholders, partners and/or more than one Director, the guidance and accountability might be lacking or of the wrong type.

Or maybe you need another perspective.

Yes, you need to be accountable for yourself. Whatever your reason, a huge benefit in having a coach is that external accountability.

If you take your coaching partnership seriously, it immediately changes performance just from that benefit alone.

You (hopefully) hold your employees accountable. Do the same for yourself.

Accountability starts at the top.