Marry talent and passion and you have found your life calling.

Do what you love and nothing can stop you. Eternal happiness will be yours.

This is what some believe. What some have told me.

Your one true purpose.

Passions Evolve

I don't know about you, but my passion for things changes over time.

Sometimes I am really passionate about something at the outset but lose interest over time. Other times I have had lukewarm enthusiasm for something at the start and passion has built over time.

Passion is also a choice that is influenced by others in your life. Were you ever part of a band or sports team (etc.) that you really, really connected with? Sometimes after the group dissolves or moves on, you just can't get back that feeling and move on too.


What if you acccomplish your purpose?

I have dozens of things that I can do that I enjoy. My passion for the things I do is constantly evolving and changing.

Talents Change

You determine that your passion and talent is to be an Olympic runner. You train and work hard and move yourself up in the rankings. Then one month before the Olympics, you tear your Achilles tendon. What if you can't run anymore? 

Is your purpose in life gone?

Age changes things as well. Certain activities require the body of youth for top performance and injuries accumulate. 

Is life over at 30? 40?

Are you mixing up the concept of innate talent versus skills and knowledge? The impact of learning and intense practice?

Tunnel calvin3

He/she was meant to be a violinist. What if the violin did not exist?

Is it really too late to start?

Value: Does It Serve?

A big piece that many miss is this equation:

Talent + Passion + Value to Others = Valid Business

Actually, people have to be willing to pay for the value and the degree of market saturation will also impact your business opportunities, but let's keep it simple.

Watch it though, some things you are passionate about are better left for non-business. The act of commercializing them can ruin them for you. It comes back to the why.

State of Mind

Passion is a state of mind. Some people find it easy to be passionate about many things. Some people, very little.

Most people can choose passion just as you can choose to be happy. You don't have to be passionate about everything that needs to get done. Maybe you are passionate about a piece or the result.

The "why" matters too.

Family. Faith. Long-term goals. Happiness. Acceptance. Love.

Your Purpose Today

Personally, I prefer to look at purpose as transitory. How long does it last? Totally up to you.

But that is ok.

We are meant to change, grow and evolve.

Work and business do not have provide it all. Balance is different for different people.

One true purpose?

I don't know.

But there is absolutely nothing stopping you from choosing to do something with passion and every ounce of effort. Today. With the assumption it will last.

Mix passion with talent and a need or strong desire in the world and you may have a great business opportunity. You can have purpose.

Be open to letting it evolve over time.

Your ultimate true purpose is your choice. You are not limited to one.

What are yours?