(I’ve been bursting at the seams to announce this.)

I first met Bob Burg on Twitter. Then I read his blog posts. Then I read his book “The Go-Giver“.

“The Go-Giver” essentially nailed how I thought business (and business relationships) should work. Up until that point I wanted things to be like that but was not seeing “the real world” behave like that.

I signed up for the Go-Giver Retreat 2012 (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) and went in April. Everyone I met there was super wonderful; including the speakers and I got a lot out of it even though I had some bad news from home.

It should be noted that the character Pindar and Bob are not one in the same. This is a actually a good thing really because Pindar was a fictional character and as such it is up to the reader to build out the details not covered in the book. My imagination filled in details that no human could likely match; only aspire to. This is why we should never idolize people.

I assure you Bob is both human, consistent and authentic. The Yoda of Go-Givers without being green or talking funny.

I also met Bill Ellis of Branding for Results as part of a pre-Retreat, Go-Giver Success Accelerator session he coached and then at the Retreat in person. Another true Go-Giver and a major influence in my decision.

I recently worked with Dixie Gillaspie (Master Certified Go-Giver Coach) to redo the Success Accelerator in preparation for becoming a coach. I learned a lot the first time through and more the second. Working with Dixie also solidified my decision.

I wanted to become a Certified Go-Giver Coach.


The Certified Go-Giver Coach program fits in really nicely with our own business goals without being restrictive. It feels like a team.

1+1 >> 2

And best of all, I get to work with Bob Burg, and the rest of the Go-Giver team (sorry I can’t name you all here) and continue to grow personally and professionally. Special thanks to Kathy Zader and Carrie Zaatar for all their help in the process.

As a new Certified Go-Giver Coach I have a lot to learn yet (Jedi in training) but I do look forward to helping business people and entrepreneurs map out Stratospheric Success and implement it using Manifast.