The Fascination Advantage

One of the speakers I really, really wanted to hear was Sally Hogshead. However, due to the events mentioned in my last post I unfortunately only caught the last 15 minutes of her presentation. I can say that her message about how to fascinate using the 49 personality archetypes is powerful.

Mine is the Veiled Strength (Mystique and Power) which is only loosely related to being a Ninja.

Despite missing most of the talk I look forward to further understanding her work and figuring out how to use my triggers to fascinate.

The Law of Value

Mark Sanborn

“Selling is all about helping people make a decision to buy something that is good for them.” (Most people are bad at making desisions.)

“Don’t spend your life “gathering” information.”

“Success is an early warning system for failure.”

“Whether it turns out right or wrong you can still enjoy it.”

“Become more of what you are. Emmulate not imitate.”

“Secret formula (sorry for spilling the beans): Value = Expectations + Education + Something Extra”

“The money you make in life is determined by the value you deliver.”

“Something extra is the secret sauce of the value equation.”

“6 Ways to Add Value:

  1. More
  2. Better
  3. Faster
  4. Different
  5. Less
  6. Funner”

“Who are the most important 10 people in your life and how will you add value.”

“Create and keep connections.”

“Love what you do. Easy is overrated. Love who you do it with and for.”

Social Media Panel


Gina Carr, Terry Brock, Viveka vonRosen, and Bob Burg

Cultivating Relationships in a Social Media World – Terry Brock

Note: My notes are a little sparse on social media as I was busy with my first “live” tweeting event to get in the spirit of things.

“Relationships: establish, build and maintain.”

“(Sales) has always been about relationships.”

“Consider: See yourself as a facilitator and motivator.”

“Must align with your overall strategy and goals.”

“Determine your goals and start with baby steps. Play well with others.”

“All about them, not you.”

“Use interviews with celebrities.”

“Use responsive web sites for multi-platform support (smart phones, tablets and PCs).”

Influence and Success, The Go-Giver Way

Bob Burg

“Sales is lifeblood.”

“Selling can be righteous.”

“Selling is about giving. Time. Counsel. Value. Etc.”

“What separates top from middle sales people? It is about others!”

“Create the environment: know like and trust and they will choose to buy.”

“GIve people a back door so they don’t have to take it.”

“Powerful: “If you can’t do it, I’ll definitely understand.”


This concludes my pearls of wisdom series from the Go Giver Retreat.

What are you applying to your life today and tomorrow? How is your life different after this or a similar event?

Leave a comment below.