Master Minds – The Panel


(L-R) Dondi Scumaci, Sally Hogshead, Mark Sanborn and Bob Burg with Dixie Gillaspie (not pictured) as moderator.

"Two factors for success:

  • Focus
  • Reciprocity

Tension between who can help you and who you can help." ~ Mark 

"Ask really hard questions" ~ Sally 

"Solving a business problem" ~ Dondi 

"Aligned with organizational priorities" ~ Dondi

"Info is easy, insight is powerful" ~ Unknown

Overall: Don't go it alone. Use master minds, coaches and mentors for personal and business success.

Colleen Barrett – All 5 Laws at Southwest Airlines


John David Mann and Bob Burg introducing Colleen Barrett and presenting her with Go-Giver Award.


"Hiring – Minimum 3 people to approve a new hire" (to avoid bias)

"Empower people to make a difference, to make decisions… customer services decisions… that are not illegal, unethical or immoral."

"Culture and behavior are everything."

"No distinction between external and internal customer service. Who is your customer?"

"If passengers come back you can make a little money". (Profitable for 39 years straight.)

"Study everything about people. 3 Attitude requirements:

  1. Warrior spirit
  2. Service heart
  3. Fun loving attitude.

On and off the clock."

John David Mann – Mastering Law 5


John David Mann

"Residual income. Royalties. Why? It still has value. Residual impact."

"What would it take you to be happy with your income? 2 times current is normal answer. It doesn't matter where you are, most want double."

"Work hard… add value… network."

"A state of want does NOT equal receptivity. I want means I don't have (and will never have)."

"Monitor your language (it is powerful)."

"A state of appreciation is beneficial."

"Emotional gravity: we are hardwired to look for negativity."

"Conscious: 20-40 neuron firings per second. Subconscious: 20-40 million firings per second. What are you feeding your baby elephant (subconscious)."

"The baby elephant doesn't hear (qualifiers like) don't. Speak in positives to it." 

"Images trump words. 1000x more powerful."

"Send images during powerful times of day: drifting off to sleep or waking up."

"Never go to bed angry."

"Feelings trump images." 

"Consider forgiveness. Yourself and others."

"Trust the universe, trust yourself. Stay Open."

(To be continued.)

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