Like most people that go to a business conference, seminar or retreat… I tend to get very pumped up and enthusiastic. Then I get back to the office and get busy. Then after some time passes, most of the lessons are forgotten and put aside.

One way around this is to revisit your notes a while after the conference and reflect on the points that resonated the most with you. After you've done that, pick a few and figure out how to integrate them into your business and personal life by implementing and making them habits.

All of the speakers were truly amazing as people and as presenters.

Here are some pearls that resonated with me. 

Bob Burg – Opening Address


"Adapt. Don't adopt. Be authentic to yourself."

Lesson: Don't blindly follow someone else's way. Learn, adapt and implement it in your own way. But do learn and apply.

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Dondi Scumaci – Influence is an Outcome

"Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others."

"Disengagement is costing $300 billion a year in US."

"Happy people produce more!"

"Manage your zone of high performance."

"Perspective: Beliefs grow into behaviours. Beliefs and behaviours shape culture. Keep your eye on the objective."

"What do I believe about myself that is holding me back."

"Influence over power."

"When life presses on you, whatever is inside will come out."

Big Takeaways:

  • "How can I be a greater resource to the people I serve?"
  • "How can I make it easier for people to do business with me?"

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Larry Winget – The Truth Be Told

"Everything in your life is your own damn fault."

"You've got to be willing to do whatever it takes."

"You are not paid to be happy."

"Hard work and excellence" lead to success.

"Take responsibility."

"If your life is a disaster, you fix it."

"What will you give up to gain success in another area of your life. You have to choose."

"Learn to be flexible."

"If your business sucks, it is because you suck as a business person." 

"You won't change if you are happy. WHY? You will only change if you are unhappy."

"Sometimes you can do everything right and things still go wrong. But you can stack the deck in your favor."

"Lighten up and have fun. Every day if possible. There a lot of funny stuff out there if you pay attention."

"When you mess up (and you will), admit it, fix it and move on."

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(To be continued.)