Are you one of those people who chases every business opportunity you see hoping to cash in on the next great thing? Are you not finishing what you start because you are juggling too many things?

Stop it.

The people who make the most money over the long-term focus on one thing at a time and get it finished. They have a vision of where they want to be and single-mindedly pursue it through to success.

Real Life Example

Our business was recently approached with an offer to front another business in the consulting body shopping business and make some easy money on the side with the potential of more opportunities down the road.

When my team came to me with the idea I asked three simple questions:

  1. Does it fit our core values?
  2. Does it further our mission?
  3. Does is support the execution of our vision?

The answer to all three was a resounding "no". My answer to my team was why are you wasting my time and company time then.

Know Who You Are

When you know who you are and what you stand for as a company you don't waste time on ANYTHING that does not match. Only if you have 100% match on all three items do you even have to waste time analysing the opportunity.

Core Values: Those things that are written in stone and you will never bend on. Ethics is one of ours. We won't do anything I wouldn't be proud to tell my mom about.

Mission: How do we serve humanity as a company? If it does not support the mission it is a distraction.

Vision: Where do we plan on being in 3 -5 years? If it does not help us get there it is a distraction.

The wonderful part about clearly defining these things is that you can train everyone in your company and even your partners, customers and suppliers who you are and what you will and will not do.

Kids need consistency when growing up. The reality is that so do adults.


When you decide who you are you don't waste time and effort chasing every rainbow and unicorn that comes along. We are constantly being bombarded with information and the requirements to decide. The easier your decisions are, the more time you can spend on action and results.

Sure your vision and even mission can change over time to adopt to the world you live in. I am not suggesting blinders and running over a cliff like lemmings.

But knowing who you are? It just simplifies decisions and helps you focus on the results that matter.

Question: How do you focus on what matters? How do you keep your team on the same page? Please leave a comment.