I read Chain Reaction – A Business Novel by Jeff Pallister a few months ago. I enjoyed the book and found that a lot of Jeff's thinking paralleled our thinking about how business could be.

Jeff Pallister is a speaker, author and management consultant who specializes in applying creativity and teamwork to generate increased profitability.

The book itself is about the company president Ryan Vale who was hired by the founders to get the company back on track. Most of the founders are reaching the end of their careers and want to cash out by selling the company and then enjoying retirement.

One big problem. The business is not worth nearly as much as the owners thought it was because it has some issues:

  • Not profitable enough,
  • People are leaving the the work is falling to others; increasing stress and problems
  • Dependencies on key people,
  • No recent innovations and the great products of the past have been copied by competitors,
  • No real strategic plan,
  • No accountability,
  • Not working on the business and fixing the real issues,
  • Etc.

Ryan then hires a consultant who guides him through the "12 Best Practices" to turn the company around. I won't spoil the ending. I recommend you get a copy of the book if you are suffering from any of the issues mentioned above.

Chain Reaction and Manifast

Manifast is the software product we developed to help small and mid-sized businesses and organizations find the right balance between: "Strategic Planning, Working on the Business and Developing Your People" and "Working in the Business".

Using a integrated software tool to keep your team focused, accountable, communicating, etc. can add a lot of value and effectiveness to execution of your plans. Using a coach/consultant and software tool together can add tremendous value.

Here is a quick overview of how our tool can be used to support the implementation of the 12 Best Practices in Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction Practices

Manifast Tools

Tap Into Creativity

Brainstorming Tools

Work Through Teams

Team Planning, Developing People


Entire Tool

Set a Clear Direction

Strategic Planning Module

Know the Score

KPI Tracking, Goal Setting

Create a Productive Work Environment

Working on the Business, Developing Your People

Apply Rigorous Methods

Brainstorming, Entire Tool

Redesign Processes

Working on the Business

Eliminate Hidden Costs

Working on the Business

Deliver Innovative Products

Strategic and Team Planning

Create Exceptional Customer Value

Entire Tool

Create the Chain Reaction

Entire Tool

Read the book for details on the best practices. Contact Jeff if you would like more information about his services or book.

We are honoured that Jeff chose to work with us and become an early adopter of Manifast for both himself and his clients.

What software tools do you use to implement your business planning and execution? Do you use a coach or business consultant to help your business? Leave a comment.